Puzzles to banish lockdown boredom forever

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Lockdown is a word that most of us wouldn’t really have used before 2020. Sadly this is a very different world we are now living in with working from home, remote education and the “stay at home, save life” advice reminding us everyday of the situation outside our front doors. But staying at home shouldn’t involve just walking back and forth to and from the fridge, binge watching a boxset or two and wondering when we will be able to walk through an airport again. That’s when we come in to help you out with our selection of beautiful puzzles from many locations around Europe and beyond. We might not be allowed to travel abroad at the moment but we can still dream about it and pass the time between now and the next holiday putting together the pieces (literally) of stunning photographs of seaside places, famous monuments, beautiful panoramic views and much more, the choice is yours. Click on the links under the photographs below to see the designs available for each location on the list, there is something for everyone.

So, there you have it. Feel free to bookmark the site and share it with your friends as new designs and new countries (Covid19 permitting) will be added in the future. All puzzles are available in different sizes and difficulty levels. So sit down, relax and start putting those pieces together!


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